“My work is inspired by the beauty of nature and by my journey toward mindful living. My work is also informed by the importance of meditation and reflection in my life. I often use mandala-like imagery as a way to bring the viewer into the piece and then use many layers of texture and design to complement the central image. I am drawn to working with textiles for their tactile quality and am entranced by the beauty of cloth gently moving with the air currents.” “As I work on a piece, the transformation that occurs on the cloth reflects the transformation that occurs within me as I create. The white fabric represents unlimited possibilities. As I build layer upon layer of dye, printing, stitching and beading, the cloth becomes rich with depth and texture, just as each experience I have in life adds depth and texture to my being. The process by which I create also emphasizes quiet reflection and connection to the wisdom within. Prior to creating a piece, I meditate on what I am trying to achieve. I have a basic intent for each piece, but do not plan every detail. At the beginning of each work session, I focus on my intention. Then as I work, I remain open to intuition and the flow of creativity during the process. Working in this manner gives me a strong sense of joy and inner peace. It is my intent to inspire that feeling in those who view my work.” Lisa Kerpoe creates paintings on cloth using water-based and mixed media techniques.   She pursued art after a career in human resource management. While she enjoyed helping others to be successful in the workplace, she realized her passion for creating art had been buried in the process. She chose to make a full-time commitment to her art and left the corporate world in 1999. She studied a range of surface design techniques and has worked many hours experimenting with new techniques and perfecting her craft.  Kerpoe is the author of  Visual Texture on Fabric: Create Stunning Art Cloth with Water-Based Resists, (C&T, 2012) and Vibrant Color (with Jane Dunnewold). She has also self-published two instructional DVDs, Vibrant Color (with Jane Dunnewold) and Irresistible Texture. Kerpoe's work has been on exhibit throughout the United States and internationally. She facilitates workshops throughout the United States and is an adjunct faculty member at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas.  Kerpoe was juried into the ArtCloth Network in 2008 and is a member of the Fiber Artists of San Antonio and the Surface Design Association. © 2013 Lisa Kerpoe   All Rights Reserved All text and photos are copyrighted, please do not reproduce without prior written consent. Lisa Kerpoe Artist       Facilitator