Lisa Kerpoe Artist       Facilitator Online classes offer you the ability to fit a class into your schedule, not the other way around. Lessons consist of a  written handout with  detailed  descriptions, step-by-step instructions and how-to photos. Think of it as a  short e-book. Some courses also provide audio and video clips. Although each class lists a start date, you may sign up and participate  anytime. Course materials are generally available for a month after the  start date. Once you sign up, you will be given information on how to  access the lessons and participate in the online forum.  The forum is  optional. It is a place to ask questions and share thoughts and  experiences while working through the class material. Some people prefer  to work on their own and do not participate in the forum.  Others enjoy  sharing their experiences through words and photos. If you have any questions about how the classes work or the course  content, please contact Lisa. © 2013 Lisa Kerpoe   All Rights Reserved All text and photos are copyrighted, please do not reproduce without prior written consent. How Online Classes Work Back to class listing Back to class listing