Resources Lisa has created a series of downloadable pdf files on a number of topics. Click on the title to download the file. This section is updated periodically, so check back to see the latest files. Design Exploration: Photos as Inspiration A case study of using a photo as the inspiration for a composition. Stretching and Taping a Silkscreen  Tutorial on how to re-stretch a silkscreen and how to apply a protective layer of tape. Brayer Printing Overview of techniques for adding color and texture to cloth with a brayer. Surface Design Supplies A list of suppliers for surface design materials. Recommended Reading Lisa’s favorite books for surface design, creativity, composition and color. Also includes a few of her recommendations for books on soulful living.                                        Updated 11/15/12 © 2013 Lisa Kerpoe   All Rights Reserved All text and photos are copyrighted, please do not reproduce without prior written consent. Lisa Kerpoe Artist       Facilitator Resist Photos Photos of cloth created for Lisa’s Resists from the Kitchen series for Quilting Arts Magazine. Includes photos of cloth created with oatmeal, mashed potato flakes, rice baby cereal, corn syrup and tapioca. Resists From the Kitchen Read Lisa’s articles for Quilting Arts Magazine on oatmeal, mashed potato flakes and rice baby cereal resists. How to Build a Steamer Below are two links to websites that have information on making your own steamer.  A steamer is necessary if you are using the techniques from the book Vibrant Color.  It is also used to set a variety of dyes and for certain discharge techniques. Building a stovetop steamer Building a stovepipe steamer Resources for Photographing Your Artwork Books and websites with information on photographing artwork.